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This is a Timeline for the project ode15s.

As discussed with the mentors, our goals for the mid-term evaluations are to build Octave with all the dependencies of SUNDIALS and to create an m-file which deals with the input parameters and the options of a generic ODE/DAE solver.
The final goal is  to have a well tested and documented implementation of ode15s.

Community Bonding Period: 
-Familiarize with Autotools and the structure of Octave
-Study the documentation of SUNDIALS and Oct-files

Week 1-2 (May 23 - Jun 5):
-Add SUNDIALS as a dependency and build Octave from source (I will usa a dld_function which calls a function of SUNDIALS)

Week 2-3 (Jun 6 - 19):
-Write an m-file which deals with the input of a generic ode/dae solver

Midterm Evaluations

Week 4 (Jun 20 - 26):
-Design the code of ode15s (I will choose which functions of SUNDIALS will be used)

Week 5-6 (Jun 27 - Jul 10):
-Write Oct-files

Week 7 (Jul 11 - 17): 
-Write tests 

Week 8-9 (Jul 18 - 31):
-Test compatibility between Matlab and Octave
-Test the performance of the algorithm

Week 10-11 (Aug 1 - 14):
-Write the documentation and perform more tests

Week 12 (Aug 15 - 21)
-Review of the work

OPTIONAL: If I finish the work early, I will try to write a (slower) version of ode15s which uses DASPK or DASSL (this is for people who don't have SUNDIALS installed)

Final Evaluations

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